By Adam Sculthorpe, Assistable Co-Founder & CEO


Hi, I'm Adam Sculthorpe, former Clickrisk CEO and the pic above is of my two awesome boys Scott and Jack, we were on a beach at Lake Huron skipping rocks that day, I included them here because they're part of Assistable's "why".

This is me with Kevin O'Leary discussing a problem my previous company solved, I'm proud of my accomplishments in helping solve our customer's, and an industry's problems to the tune of billions of dollars so I wanted to share it with you and give you a feel for who I am and how much I care.

Adam Sculthorpe & Kevin O'Leary - Discussing Click Fraud

What's Assistable's Purpose?

When I was a young kid I recall nothing making me happier than helping people with all manner of things they were struggling with, and the older I get the more I know that I just want to help, regardless of how.  Recently I realized I wasn't happy with my career, I felt I was missing "a big enough" purpose.

So in June, 2019 I began to think hard about what I should do next, and that's when I remembered the sheer joy on Scott and Jack's faces when they were helping me in the garden a few days earlier and many other times when I could see how truly happy they were to be helping out, it took me right back to my younger self and reminded me of what makes me truly happy - it hit me hard, I thought to myself "I just need to help as many people as possible as soon as possible, it's that simple".

But Help Who?  And Why?

The who and why is what drives me, there are many marginalized groups that need help finding work and it's no accident that the language we're using to define our same-country remote workers is "skilled assistants", our mission doesn't care about age, disability, gender, race, color or anything else other than "skills".  Anyone that has the skills to perform tasks well for our clients is good to go.

The Future of Work

Is flexible and the most flexible system wins.

More Than One Income Stream

We're working hard at developing several ways for remote workers to get paid, not just by the hour.  In a world with so many highly scalable enabling technologies and possibilities why would we limit our remote workers to only being paid by the hour?

It's All in our Name "Assistable? We can help!"

The first step in helping is by posing a question, that's why I came up with "Assistable?".  The next step is listening hard, then simply stating "We can help!" and executing.  Done, simple, straightforward and easy to position for maximum reach.

Those four words sum up my mission, "helping as many people as possible, as soon as possible" and there's no better way to achieve that than with a two-sided marketplace, we help people find work and get paid and we help our customers solve problems and increase profitability, how cool is that?  Cool enough to work hard at.

Adam Sculthorpe, Infantry - Royal Anglian Regiment

Protecting, first as a soldier and serving, now with Assistable has and will always be my legacy and it's my hope that my children Scott and Jack will carry that protect and serve philosophy with them throughout their lives, regardless of whether they get involved in my business or not in the future.

The Market for Helping People is Massive

The current iteration of our website reflects nothing more than a tiny first step in the right direction, but deep inside I know the size of the work to be done and the respective size of the future valuation of Assistable if everything goes to plan is not less than $1.5 billion, but "only if I can get the help I need" to make it happen.

I'm fully aware that I chose an extremely hard business to make work but I'd rather risk failure than not trying my hardest to scale "helping people".  It takes help to give help, and when done right it's a positive, uplifting cycle of good.  I need help for sure with this mission, it's going to be an uphill battle.

When I go to bed at night I think about core values and visualize how the future team will look and how we'll interact with each other.  I care more about EQ than IQ and raw talent and self-starters more than experience and certificates.  The team will be optimistic, fearless and creative problem solvers and innovators.

People matter most.

Customers Prepared to Pay a Premium Are a Key to Success

No matter what happens I will not compete on price, we're  focusing on quality first and by doing so we'll become known for delivering high quality results to a standard that's expected by the already successful customers we intend to serve.

It's an earned privilege to serve quality customers, not a right and the only way to get there is by staying true to our mission and beliefs no matter the cost.

Skilled Assistants - A Strategic Pain Killer

Our skilled assistants specialize in the tasks that aren't our customer's core competency, the assistants are better at those tasks than our customer is because their skill is their passion, we remove the root cause of pain and free up our customer's time so they can truly focus on what they do best.  It's a win win.

But skilled assistants are just the beginning, there's a secret sauce brewing that's essential to the success of Assistable and I fully believe that making it real will revolutionize the already changing way we work and provide greater, equal opportunities for the masses and improve the quality of life for millions.

People Matter More, Funding Will Wait

Many startups rush into unhealthy Co-Founder relationships and low-quality team building just so they can secure seed funding and a series A round as quickly as possible, they see the series A round as "the goal and the win", but in reality it's just the beginning.  What's the use of funding a weak foundation?  We're not going there, it's disrespectful to oneself and it's disrespectful to investors.

We're bootstrapping and taking our time building the core team, diligently searching for the right people with the right level of commitment and capability to succeed in the long-term.  So, if you feel that you or someone you know might be a "great fit", and I mean "great" then let's set up a call.

Looking for a Mission with a Higher Purpose?

Does what I wrote resonate with you?  If it really and truly does then let's talk.

You can reach me at [email protected]

That's all for now, Adam out!